My Paradox "Johanna"

Building a Matt Layden
13'10" Microcruiser

Voyager 14

Claire. 1973 - 1977

"Claire" was my first Microcruiser (well actually She was my Dad's)

At 13'4" she was almost the same length as Paradox but with a lot less displacement.

We sailed her extensively in our home waters of Northern Ireland, and spent many weeks cruising Strangford Lough and the Erne Waterway.

There is an activeVoyager group at

Caprice 18

Northern Star. 1977 -1980


"Northern Star" was a Robert Tucker design Caprice, made famous by Shane Acton in Shrimpy.

She was a bigger and heavier boat than Claire, built by my late Uncle Ron.  

We managed some further afield cruising, taking in the North West Coast of Ireland, Inner Hebrides and the Clyde.

I'll try and find some photo's at some time; in the meantime this is me sailing my cousin Ian's (Ron's son) boat on a calm day in Belfast Lough.